Off Road is Here!


off-road-Mountain-Layout-678X300New Manfrotto Off Road tripods and walking sticks.

Manfrotto has ventured out into the hiking world with a series of walking sticks, tripods and backpacks for hikers.  They colors are bright red, neon green and bright blue.

offroadmonopodExtremely light weight and compactable, these are just what hikers have needed, especially if they are photographers.  Hikers who are photographers have always had to relegate the camera gear last, as nothing was designed for the full protection of the camera, first and foremost.

offfroadaccessoriesOff Road Backpacks are extremely light weight.  I was surprised by the size to weight ratio. I expected it to weight 2 or 3 times what it does.  The gear is stowed in a conventional compartment with good padding and padded dividers.  Easy to get into and when packed, the backpack is adjustable so the weight of the full pack is not oppressive. I like the comfort of the straps, the padding against my back and the fact that as a 6 foot 4 inch man, it fit ME too!  It is hard to find good gear for tall folks.  The color on the pack will make it easy to spot you and your gear in a crowd.

offroadfeaturesWalking sticks have been around for years.  These Off Road walking sticks are well made, extremely light and can be taken part for cleaning.  All good gear should be able to be clean after use!  As walking stick, they can help you keep your balance on loose or rocky trails.  The left stick also has a camera mount hidden under the rubber grip.  So this stick also functions as a monopod, and a safe place to carry your camera if you don’t want it around your neck.

offroadtripodThe tripods are light weight and will easily fit in the the pack.  They are light weight.  Any tripod described as light weight cannot be sturdy also.  These are great because they are easily carried and any tripod with you is better than the tripod you don’t have with you because of weight.  So in the trade for stability vs weight, this tripod wins.  I wouldn’t put a Nikon D810 and 70-200 f2.8 lens on it and walk away, but it is stable enough to use slow shutters and do star trails.

Find the Sticks here, and the Tripods here.

Why YOU Shouldn’t Repair Your Manfrotto Head.


Why would you let somebody that works on tripod and heads everyday touch your gear, when you can do it yourself?  Why would you let a technician with greater experience and knowledge part you from your money?  Why would you blindly take a part a tripod or a head without understanding the intriquacies?  Why indeed!

We work on tripods, head and monopods everyday.  We clean and check the functions of even our simplest repairs.  We pride ourselves on doing this job at least as good or BETTER than the manufacturers representatives.  We have far more experience than you, and if you don’t have a decent working knowledge, then you are bound to get lost.

Get lost on what?  Video, ball heads, Neotech; these are the hardest to repair if you have no experience.  Plus, these types of products often have hidden springs that can and do shoot out under pressure.  Replace a knob or a lever? Yes you can.  Replace the tension rods in a a ball head.  No.

If you are having problems, or need a tune up; or a repair, send your name, address, daytime phone and email address along with your tripod to: Repairs
c/o SpartanPhotoCenter
108 Garner Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Once we have it, we will evaluate it and contact you. Please send us your daytime phone so we can reach you during business hours.

Lastly, if we are repairing your Manfrotto Product; we are recycling all broken parts and scrap articles. Almost nothing goes into the trash if we can help it.

Off Road


offroadlogoThe Manfrotto OffRoad gear is a series of lightweight walking sticks, tripods and huge backpacks that are great for the outdoors.  Not just for photographers, but for any serious hiker.  But you can tell they were designed by photographers.

off-road-Mountain-Layout-678X300The backpacks are large, and while they have a compartment with padded dividers on the bottom for camera gear, the top area is large enough for your camping essentials.  Easily able to accommodate a change of clothes, food for a few days, stove, camera 2 lenses and loads of other stuff!

offroadstickfeaturesThe walking sticks are adjustable in height and are able to be taken apart for proper cleaning.  The left side walking stick has a hidden camera screw that make it into a monopod.  The stick itself is very lightweight, so the weight of the camera it can support is low (about 5 lbs) it does a ver good job.  There are rubber grips over the screw so you can use it as a standard, easy to grip walking stick. There is a large, easy to turn locking wheel that is accessible, even while wearing gloves.  The screw is standard to almost any camera made (in the last 15 years at least).

offroadtripodThere are even tripods that weight under 3 lbs.  Designed like the walking stick, the tripods are very light weight and easy to carry.  Maximum load is low, under 5 lbs is what I felt comfortable with, but story for what it is; not a 4 pound tripod! Spikes on the bottom of the feet ensure a solid grip on firm clay, ice and rocks; while there are rubber boots that you put on when you are indoors and do not want to mar the floors.

Mobile Phone AdapteroffroadmonopodAvailable in Red, Green and Blue; the OFFROAD gear is easy to see and use.

Right now all OffRoad Waking Sticks include a FREE mobile phone adapter, so you can use the sticks with most cameras or mobile phones.


Trade In and Trade Up Is Coming…


This October  “Trade in and Trade up” event.  You can send or bring in any number of items for trade in on the second weekend of October.  That’s October 9th and 10th, 2015.

Use this PDF form to submit items.

We will take the items listed at the bottom of this blog post for trade in an any tripod, head, monopod or combination.


Rules of trade in:

  • Any tripod submitted MUST have 3 legs with it.
  • Any tripod with only one working leg is considered a monopod!
  • Items MUST BE RECEIVED before October 8th to be considered.
  • Any manufacturer rebates are not included in your trade in, you still get them!
  • Items not accepted for trade in will be returned at YOUR expense.
  • Any items sent without contact or return information WILL BE DISCARDED.
  • Any items left here for more than 90 days WILL BE DISCARDED.


We will accept the following:

Bogen 3000 series $25
Bogen 3001 series $35
Bogen 3010 series $40
Bogen 3020 series $75
Bogen 3030 series $80
Bogen 3040 series $85
Bogen 3050 series $100
Bogen 3060 series $115
Bogen monopods or non functional tripods $ 20

Manfrotto 190 series
Manfrotto 055 series
Manfrotto 058 series


Trade In / Trade Up Event….


Check with us this October 9th and 10th for our 5th annual Trade In and Trade Up Event.  Find special deals and trades for new equipment.

Make money from your old gear.

Make money from your old gear.

Come into our store and you can sell cameras, lenses, flashes, heads and tripods for cash, or trade up on the newest gear. We will have unhand buying cameras and other unwanted gear…

Manfrotto will have a representative trading on Manfrotto Tripods and Heads

Get your dirty camera serviced

Get your dirty camera serviced

Peachtree camera repair will be preforming sensor cleanings and lens micro adjustments.

See us at our New Location (its been a year now…) 108 Garner Road, just off North Pine Street in Spartanburg.  Click Here for Map

Photography Gifts for Dad


Looking four that hard to find gift for a photographer, or Dad, or do you have a Dad photographer that is hard to find a gift for?

Here are a few of our staff recommendations:

The New Manfrotto Compact tripod.  This little guy is lightweight and robust.  There are three models, with different heads.  Able to hold most pocket cameras or DSLR cameras with a standard to medium weight lenses.

White Advanced TripodThe MK Compact Advanced tripod is top if the line.  The dual pan handle head allows you to shoot horizontal or vertical shots, and use the appropriate handle to pan with the action.  It uses the Manfrotto 200PL quick release, which is the most popular quick release they sell.   Available in BLACK and WHITE

Red Action Tripod

The MK Compact Action tripod sports a dual use head.  It can be used for still cameras, and the single handle is used for panning and tilting the camera in a 360 degree ball head fashion.  Flip a switch on the side and the head is a video head, using the handle for panning and tilting only.   Available in RED, BLACK and WHITE.

Pink Compact TripodThe MK Compact Light Weight tripod is the smallest and lightest.  It has a ball head and is available in WHITE, PINK, RED, and BLACK


The stone bag is next because it gives you a place to stow small items, or a shelf to use for holding things.  Changing lenses, filters, holding the light meter, your cellphone etc, etc. It can be left on most of the time and will fold up with the tripod.

utility apron

utility apron

Manfrotto makes a utility apron that is larger than the stone bag, and has dividers inside to keep your filters and lenses and stuff from rubbing or bumping.  Easy to attach and detach straps make this easy to put on and leave or, or take off when needed.

Not every gifts has to be tripod related, but on this site it will have to at least be photo related:

nikon mugBrandon is our graphics artist on our sister site and has a rally cool Instagram account about his travels and old cameras (click here for his Instagram page).
He used several of his Instagrams  to make the Nikon Instagram Mug.  This is a 15 ounce mug; the Instagram pictures are black against the white background.  It is dishwasher safe, and is made of heavy ceramic for years of use. Click here to buy Nikon Instagram Mug.

He also has a Polaroid Instagram Mug, a Kodak 15oz Instagram mug, and these are available in 11 ounce sizes also: Nikon 11oz, Polaroid 11oz, Kodak 11oz.

Or you could always make your own, using your own photos.  Click Here to go to that page.

New Quick Release Plates for the Compact Tripod Series

RROUND Quick release post

RROUND Quick release post

These are the newest Quick releases for the Manfrotto Compact Tripods.  There are three styles int eh Compact series.

The Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod take a little post, the RROUND.  It is a button quickrelease.  It is very small and inconspicuous on the camera.  It only fits the Action series.  This is the tripod with the grip handle for both video and still photography, it is a compact camera tripod.

The Manfrotto Action Advanced Tripods take the new 200LT-PL quick release plate.  Essentially it is no different from the older 200PL, except in the area of weight.  The 200LT weighs about 16% less, and is black, with a sturdier thumb screw.  This tripod will support more weight, so will the quick release.  Though the tripod was not designed for video use.

The Manfrotto Compact Lightweight tripod does not take either of these quick release plates.  It screws directly to the  camera.  Lighter weight, smaller and no quick release capability make it the least costly in the line.

New Rebates from Manfrotto


From now until May 31st, 2015 – Manfrotto is offering Tripod + Arm rebates.

Purchase any MT190 or MT055 tripod from us with a New 244Micro or 244Mini Arm and get 425 or $ 50 back on a MasterCard card

Click Here for Rebate Form

New Manfrotto 190GO4AT tripod


Manfrotto has another hit on their hands with the 190GOA4TB tripod!

You might think I’m biased, but actually this tripod is not the style I prefer to use; which makes it an all out homerun in my book.  I can actually say that I would use this on a regular basis, not that I’ve seen and played with it.  Here’s why…

Fine Precision Threadding Reduces Lock Up

Fine Precision Threadding Reduces Lock Up

I don’t like twist lock leg locks.  When I was learning photography, the inexpensive tripods I had were twist lock.  I hated them.  I preferred the snap lever, especially the new ones on the MT055 and MT190 tripods because they are such a positive lock.  When you close it you know it’s closed. Twist locks are a lazy man’s nemesis.  If you are not careful to twist them far enough, they will slide. You can over tighten them, making them hard to release. You can over tighten them so you can over load the tripod with way more weight then it should have loaded on it. However…

Four Leg Sections

Four Leg Sections

These twist locks are great.  I have attempted to over tighten them, and cannot.  The grip is large enough so that I always get a firm grip.  They don’t seem to lock up when tightened, I’ve tried my best.  I think the difference is the precision cut, fine threading on the inside. Also, the ease of locking and unlocking with the better, bigger grip allows for fine sliding adjustments. Like in Macro, I can slide the leg a bit and lock it. I can’t do that with my snap lock as easily, one handed.

It’s aluminum, but still fairly light weight.  Carbon fiber will always beat metal for the weight issues, but aluminum is, in my mind,  more rugged.  Having four leg sections means the tripod can be a bit more compact than a 3 section tripod. It’s only a matter of a few inches but that often times makes a difference.

Single Push Button Release

Single Push Button Release

The PRO center column feature is always worth having on a still camera tripod.  The ability to go horizontal with the push of a button is worth the little bit extra in price that it adds.  I like having this built into my tripod, rather than carrying another part around.

The three position leg brace allows you to set the legs flat on the ground. Combine this with the PRO side arm feature and you are only inches above the ground. Since each leg is independent, the combinations are almost limitless.

Use this for add on straps, 244Mini and 244Mirco arms that can hold lights, arm and other items

Use this for add on straps, 244Mini and 244Mirco arms that can hold lights, arm and other items

There is also the accessory port that allows you to attach the various arms and accessories Manfrotto makes, allowing you hands free diffusion or flash, or any of the new 244Mini and 244Micro arms that are now available..

A stylish black matte tripod with black on black buttons and silver and red accents. Pretty colors are never the reason you buy a tripod, but looking good while working well never hurts.

As far as this goes, any Manfrotto head that is flat bottomed will fit and work well with this tripod. Whether it is ballheads, geared heads, pan head or video heads; it is all compatible.

NEW 244Micro and 244Mini Arms


The New Manfrotto 244Micro and 244Mini arms.  The newest, and one of the neatest items to come from Manfrotto in a while. Let’s explore…

Manfrotto Accessory Port

Manfrotto Accessory Port

The 244Micro and 244Mini arms can be attached to Manfrotto MT190 and MT055 tripods using the accessory port located on the side of the MT series tripods.  This accessory screw hole has been there for quite some time, but only on the new MT series tripods is this a slotted screw port, not just a hole.  So the 244Micro and 244Mini arms can be screwed into the port, and using the anti-rotation end the arm will attach and NEVER rotate.  So your flashes or lights will stay where you aim them, and never move when you least expect it.

Microsoft Word - MD BMS02-2015_Friction Arms Product Launch_0408Using the various end adapters and Manfrotto accessory clamps you can do all sorts of things.  Use with Superclamps, Clip Clamps and others for ultimate versatility. Imagine macro photography with your lights or speedlites attached to the tripod, moveable as a single unit on the tripod.  The arms have a single locking knob that tightens and loosens the whole arm.

244MicroThere are three versions of the  244Micro arms.  The first we stock is the 244Micro.  This is a fully articled arm that extends 5.9 inches or 15cm. It has 1/4″ attachment screws on both ends and includes a 3/8″ extra end included.  The package includes the small metric allen wrench that is needed to change the ends; a small touch that helps since not everybody keeps metric allen wrenches in their bag.

244Micro-ARThe 244Micro-AR is the exact same arm, except it has the AR (anti-rotation) ends already attached.  These are the ends that attach to the MT series tripods for best results.  Having two AR mounts on the arm makes me wonder what other attachments and accessories are coming.  And included is a 3/8″ end and allen wrench for changing the ends if needed.

244MicroKitThe 244Micro-Kit is the most ready to use- right out of the package. This has an AR (anti-rotation) end on one side, and the Nano Clamp on the other. It is ready to hold shades, small scrims and filters right out of the package.

Nano clamps are available separately.  As a small, easy to use macro photography accessory, I know of few that are as useful.

244MiniComparing the 244Micro and the 244Mini arm, the 244Mini arm is longer at 9.45 inches or 24cm.  The 244Mini arm  includes the 1/4″ screw ends and an extra 3/8″ end as well.  All of the adapters are interchangeable between the 244Mini and 244micro arms, but NOT the 244 or 244N Friction arms.  The larger arms can be adapted to the mini and micro arms, but none of the parts are interchangeable between the 2 sets of arms.

These are the current adapters available for the 244Mini and 244Micro arms.

244ADPT58244ADPT58 is a spigot stud with a 1/4″ female thread on the end. This end is useful for attaching these arms to the SuperClamp, Clip Clamp, or the the top of a light stand or other 1/4″ male stud.  This is crucial if you are using it on the SuperClamp, since the squared bottoms will keep the arm from rotating in the clamp.

244ADPT38AR244ADPT38AR is the end, sold individually, that allows the  arms to be attached to the MT055 and MT190 tripods, using the accessory port.  This keeps the arm from rotating on the tripod, especially where consistency is required.  For example, a side life for macro photography.  Nothing more annoying than a wandering fill light.

244AADPT3814244ADPT3814 are 1/4″ and 3/8″ ends that are indispensable for adapting the mini and micro arms to a full size 244 Friction arm.  However, when screwed into the full sized arms, rotation is possible, since these are just screwed together.  Great for holding your tablet or phone when used with a tripod adapter.

244ADPT-HS244ADPT-HS is a “hot-shoe” adapter.  Although not truly “hot”, able to fire the flash, this does allow a speed light flash to be attached to the arms.  This accepts the standard flash foot that has been used in the industry for many years.  Also holds TTL cables so your flash will maintain TTL, holds radio triggers, Wifi transmitters or anything with a “hot-shoe” mount on it.

I have the feeling this is just the beginning.  Nothing was said when the MT055 came out a couple of years ago but that this was in the works.  And by itself, it is but a small part of the support universe.  But when used in combination with the MT series tripods, then the tripod is not just a camera support, but a support system.

Manfrotto has always demonstrated ingenuity and unique, useful products.  This is just another example.