How to Find Your Head Model Number


Pan head model number

If you are going to DIY (do it yourself)  a Manfrotto head repair, then you need to know how to find the model number.  Manfrotto heads and tripods have different model numbers.  So if you see a model number on the head, it identifies the head only.  Likewise, tripods have their own numbers; a Manfrotto 055xb is identifying the tripod only.

Manfrotto 496RC Head

The most common place for the head model to be found is on the pivot sides or above the pan axis.  The name plate onlater Manfrotto heads, or on video heads there is often a Manfrotto name plate that will have the model number. The ball head to the right has both a serial bumber on the top, and a model number near the base, with the name Manfrotto.  The model number of the head is almost always with the Manfrotto name.

We recommend you use extreme caution when attempting to repair certain video heads.  In many of the larger video heads, there is a very large spring, under a lot of tension, that requires some specialized tools to disassemble and reassemble.  If that spring is let out improperly, it could not only do personal injury, it is possible to break part of the housing, bend the flanges or mess it up to where the head is almost useless.


This model number is on the handle

If you cannot find the Manfrotto model number, and it is in need of repairs, you can always send it to us.   We can repair any tripod that we have listed on our website, as long as the parts are available.  On tripods we service, with in stock parts (click here to see models we stock parts for) , we strive for a 3 day turnaround.  Costs vary, but simple repairs can be as low as $ 25 labor + parts + $ 11.00 shipping.

If you send us a note with your name, address, day time phone number, email we will call or email you with the estimate for repair.

Send your Manfrotto for repair to: Repairs
c/o SpartanPhotoCenter
108 Garner Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303


Blog post was changed to reflect our new address.

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One thought on “How to Find Your Head Model Number

  1. Adam Leavesley

    Thx for the great advice. I use my tripod in salt water all the time and have learnt that you need to be sure to rinse it daily and service it regularly. Even so I would be grateful for any advice you have on a small problem.

    I’ve got a 128RC head that I use with a telescope. The little brass locking pin has seized up and despite lots of lubricant and a gentle tap with a punch it won’t budge. Do you have a tip for freeing that up?

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