The Metal Tube Keeps Wearing Through The Rubber Foot, How Can I Fix This?


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you find that the metal tube is cutting through the rubber foot there are several ways to fix this on the Manfrotto tripods.

First, check your load.  Extreme wear of the feet could be that you are over loading the tripod, or unnecessarily dragging it across the ground.  Ove loading a light weight tripod will increase vibration through “resonance” and will not allow the camera to stabilize.  Actually amplifimng vibrations, or not allowing them to disapate correctly.

Second, your tripod may be old enough that it just needs a little work. A tune up, if you will.  Over the years, key points can wear out.  the feet will need to be replaced, the lock knobs or handles may need adjusting, the carter column and head cleaned and adjusted.

Third, the simple fix is to put a dime, penny or nickel (these are the fastest fix) inside the foot for the tube to rest on. this will prevent the metal tube from cutting the rubber. Some tripods like 190 and 055 can be retro fitted with rubber/spike feet.


Removable spike feet for Manfrotto tripods

These are easily attached to the bottom of the leg tube with the provided tool.  There is a metal spike that hides inside a retractable solid rubber foot (Click here more info).

The spikes are useful on slick mossy rocks, snow, ice and other surfaces that the rubber foot does not provide the traction that you would want.  Or, you drew down the rubber feet and never use the spike, but allow the durable solid rubber foot to do years and years of work without wearing out.

Generally speaking, we have few problems with these feet.  Obviously, mud and sand will clog the threads, but a good rinsing with the hose will clean that out.  The only problems we’ve seen is because of repeated use in salt water WITHOUT washing off later.

Yes, we do recommend you wash your tripod from time to time.  Care and up keep will always make your equipment last longer.  Rinse everything down, quickly dry it off with a towel or t-shirt like material, and don’t use strong detergents or de greasers.  These will remove the fine lubricants that are on key points on the head and tripod clamps.  This will also allow you to inspect the tripod to see if it needs any spare parts.

If you are in need of a tune up, let us know.  You can contact us or send us your items for tune up or repair,Click here for more info.

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