Replacing the Leg Locks on 700 Series Tripods

Standard includes the Bogen models 714, 716, 718, 719, 785, 785SHB tripods and 676 Mono-pod.

Read these instruction before starting – make sure you have all the necessary parts and tool before you start.  Use finger tight or light pressure at all times, since excessive pressure or tension may crack or damage the parts being replaced.

Step 1:    Set two of the tripod legs on the work bench at the height to allow the broken tripod leg to sit off the edge of the work bench, yet remain free standing. 2: Open the flip lever on the leg lock so there is no pressure on the lock.  Using a pointy metal probe or Phillips screw driver and gently (very little pressure) tap the brass pin that holds the flip lever to the leg lock. It will take several taps to move the pin, the more the better.

Step 3:   After you tap the brass pin about halfway out try to remove it with your fingers.  If it will not come out tap it gently until it is looser.  Do not use pliers or heavy pressure to knock the pin out all the way.  It is better to push the pin most of the way out and remove it without tools that may scar the metal.  Remove brass pin and set aside, in order of removal.

Step 4:  Remove the flip lever, setting it with the brass pin.  Do not turn the lever over or change orientation. 5: Blow into the hole or use a small probe to remove the brake shoe that should be behind the flip lever.  Observe the orientation of this part when you remove it and make sure you reinstall it in this EXACT orientation.

If you change the orientation of this shoe you may ruin the leg collar or lever from excess pressure when the leg is reassembled.

Inspect this part for cracks or excessive wear.  If cracked discard and replace with another that may have come with the  leg lock.  If replacing the flip lever only, use the brake pad in the tripod, since the flip levers do not come with brake pads in the package.

Step 6: Slide off the leg lock and lower part of leg, replace the old leg lock with a new one, making sure the orientation of the new part is the same as the old one.  Put leg back into the tube.  Check the hole to make sure the flip lever will be on the same side as the other flip levers.

Step 7:  Insert brake shoe and flip lever.  Insert brass pin – Check that the flip lever will almost close with the pin about half way in.  If the Brake shoe is too thick or turned backwards the flip lever will bind and break or crack the leg lock on the back side, behind the leg. 8:   If the operation seems OK, finish gently tapping the brass pin in place until the top of the brass pin is flush with the top of the leg lock.  Open and close the leg lock several times.  It make squeak ones or twice or until the plastic parts wear together.  If it is very have or too tight to move, disassemble and check the orientation of all the parts, then reassemble in correct order.

Tip:  Be very careful in all the operations.  The tolerances are very low and if you tap too hard you could damage the leg locks or make the brass pin too damaged to be replaced.  Gentle pressure and slight pushing is better than excessive pressure or hard taping.


4 thoughts on “Replacing the Leg Locks on 700 Series Tripods

  1. Lorin Pace

    From where does on procure the actual part(s) to make the repair?? I need to purchase two leg locks for a 785.

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