Manfrotto 222 Ball Head Disassembly and Ball Cleaning



This is the Manfrotto 222, also called the  Bogen 3265.   There are several versions of this head and the differences will be evident if yours is different from ours.  We are working on the latest version purchased in 2010.

Make sure you have safety goggles on in case on of the springs fly out.  They are under tension and must put put back under tension.  You will need a 5mm Allen wrench, a flat blade screw driver, a t-shirt like rag for cleaning and a large clean space to work.


You start off by loosening the 4 screws that hold the two half’s together with an Alan wrench.  Be careful not to take them all out at once, so the spring does not shoot out.


After you have removed the screws you will need to pry the 2 casings  apart with a flat head screwdriver or anything flat that will not damage your head will work fine.

NOTE Be sure to hold onto the plunger (See photo left of hand holding on to plunger) If not held onto the plunger spring will shoot out very fast, and it is a very powerful spring.  Keep track of the order and orientation of the parts as you remove them.  This will help with reassembly later.


Here is what it should look after you have removed the casings.

The plunger and spring will come out easily the other pieces could give you a little trouble. (See next step)

The handle will more then likely fall out when you start to pry apart be careful not to lose the little golden stopper.

STEP 5-1

To Remove the tension wheel and spring place hand over spring if it has tension on the spring it will shoot out.  Get flat head screwdriver and slowly pry off.  It shouldn’t be that difficult. Make sure the tension wheel is not flipped or the parts rearranged.

STEP 5-2

After we have removed the tension wheel and spring the other parts should lift out with ease.

STEP 5-3

Here we have all the parts of one the one side laid out.

STEP 5-4 When cleaning the ball DO NOT clean the silver piece on the left side of the picture to the right.  Only clean the ball and its casing only, looking for dark or grey lumps, grit or dirt on the ball or inside the housing.


When cleaning be sure to get into casing with wipe clean thoroughly from the top and bottom.

Do the same with the ball.


In the picture to the right, Notice how this nut is positioned when reassembled it will need to look just like this when reassembled, or the head will not work right.

After it is positioned correctly test head by pulling on bottom if it moves you will need to tighten this nut slightly with a small 3mm Alan wrench.

For reassembly just follow the steps back being careful to make sure you have every piece back in place and the tension screw is facing the right way. I have found if when you need something to hold the Plunger and spring in the casing a non-elastic cloth wrapped around the casing to keep the plunger form shooting across the room is very helpful.

If you have problems,  click here to return the parts to us for reassembly.


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