New Manfrotto MS0490A Nanopole Light Stand



Manfrotto recently introduced the Nanonpole light stand.  It has been out a couple months and we, like a lot of our customers are very impressed.

The high points:

  1. It is small and lightweight.  It folds down to a very small, 19.3 inches.  This is easy to put in almost any working photog’s camera bag.  It weighs less than 2 lbs.  The folded diameter is less than a 70-200 f2.8 lens, though it is about twice the length.
  2. The legs will stand up like a full sized light stand, or they will lay flat on the ground so you camera bag or sandbag can weigh it down.   There is also a sandbag hook if needed.  There is a leveling leg for uneven ground, and that can also be used to impose a little tilt to the stand if needed.
  3. If you need to use it as a light pole, you loosen the leg screw and push the bottom release button to release the pole.  The pole extends to about 6 feet.  You can use it with a Snap Tilthead to put your flash on the pole.
nanopole umbrella

nanopole umbrella

The low points:

  1. It is not that heavy.  While this is a high point, it will not replace your large stands for using with heavy lights.  The pole is really rated for about 3.3 lbs.  So any older studio lights on this stand really causes me to worry. Just remember it was designed to use with a camera flash.
snap tilt head

Snap Tilt Head

The Snap Tilthead is a marvel in and of itself.  It will quickly attach to the top of the pole and uses a snap lock cam to lock securely onto the pole.  The other controls allow you to attach a small umbrella or soft box, and the tilt control is spring loaded with a counter balance.  No more drooping flash.  Made of mostly metal in the key parts, but still reasonably light weight and strong.


All the parts on the Nanopole are replaceable and it is easily repaired.  You can find the parts Here.  You can find the Snap Tilt Head Here.