The Whole Leg On My Tripod Comes Off, How Do I Fix That?


The whole leg on my tripod is loose and comes off.  What is the best way to fix this?

This is a simple adjustment on many tripods, though some may not be repairable if the parts are broken, or (less likely on the Manfrotto tripods) the leg was no made to be replaced.  Almost every Manfrotto tripod is designed to be adjusted or repaired.  The older units may have parts availability issues that limit you.  I am speaking today of the old Bogen 055, 055 Manfrotto and the new MT055 tripods.  In addition, the 190, Mt190 and several others in the 200 and 300 series are just as easily adjusted and fixed.

Old 055 Leg Brace Adjustment

Old 055 Leg Brace Adjustment

The leg brace that holds the leg to the main casting on the Old 055 Manfrotto or Bogen 3021 or Bogen 3011 series has two screws that use balanced tension to keep the leg in place.  Loosen both the screws a bit to allow the leg to be inserted, then tighten both the same amount.  Twist the leg tube to make sure it is not loose.  If it is loose, tighten both sides again a bit on each side until done.

Some of the leg Braces


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Lastly, if we are repairing your Manfrotto Product; we are recycling all broken parts and scrap articles. Almost nothing goes into the trash if we can help it.