Manfrotto Goes OffRoad ™


offroadlogoManfrotto introduces our new line of “OFFROAD” supports for those who love spending their time hiking in the mountains, exploring nature and carrying their camera to shoot their memories. The product range consists of two extremely lightweight models, tripod and walking sticks, available in three color options.

Key Benefits and Features:

offroadtripodLightweight Tripod: The OFF ROAD tripod and walking sticks are the lightest tripod in the Manfrotto range and are perfect to be carried everywhere without being heavy and bulky. They have been designed to perfectly respond to hikers’ needs being easy and fast to setup and use.
Heads: The tripod ball head is made of aluminum and it holds a payload up to 2.5kg/5.51lbs. The single locking knob makes it extremely fast to set up for your shoot and allows for quick and easy movements. offroadfeaturesEasily attach your camera to the tripod by rotating the wheel. The head also features an integrated leveling bubble that helps ensure the correct shooting position.

offroadmonopodOn the walking sticks, the integrated camera mount with quick wheel attachment lets you instantly attach your camera and use the pole as a monopod. Simply remove the protective cap and screw into the camera to attach it.

offfroadaccessoriesUltra lightweight legs: The legs are made of lightweight aluminum tubes, with a spiked base. They close telescopically into four sections and use a Twist-to-Lock system; they can be pulled out easily for cleaning. Both products come with Rubber Feet and Baskets perfect for use in the snow.

offroadfeatures2Easy to transport: With a diameter of only 5cm the OffRoad tripod takes up half the space of classic tripods, which, on average have a diameter of 10cm.

Offroad sticks and tripods have been discontinued – find repair parts here.

New Manfrotto MVM450A Video Monopod with Fluid Base


Parts450AmonopodIntroducing the newest addition to the Manfrotto line of fluid monopods !

The MVM450a is the fully functional MVM250A fluid video monopod with a MHXPRO-2W Video head on top.  This monopod is ready go, featuring both a fluid head on top and the removable MVA50A base; which can now be purchased separately as well!

Key Benefits and Features:  MHXPRO-2W Video Head:
This head is quickly becoming the best selling video head on the market.  The head features a  200PL Quick Release Plate (Click here for purchase and size info) Which is Manfrottos most popular plate, and most universally used on both photo, video and monopod heads.
 Portability:
Great solution for those users who are looking for a compact and light weight support for the camera. It can be easily carried around and in those situations where the use of a tripod is not possible because of the lack of space.
 Operating Height:
Four Sections on the monopod offers a great range of operating heights. This allows the user to be more flexible while shooting and reach points of view that otherwise wouldn’t be achievable. Whether shooting at eye level or overhead you always have a smooth pan in a very limited footprint. Minimum height flooded is 30.31 inches and maximum extended height is 78.74 inches including the head. Weighs only slightly more than 4 lbs. Safe operating capacity is 8.8 pounds of gear.

New Monopod foot with fluid cartridge

New Monopod foot with fluid cartridge

 Patented Fluid Base System:
Features the patented fluid cartridge system incorporated into the base that gives an incredibly smooth panning action to the monopod while shooting video.
 Fluid Base:
The fluid base accessory will convert a photo monopod into a fully functional and video monopod. Compatible with Manfrotto models; 679B, 680B, 558B, and all the photo monopods that feature a 20mm tube in the last section.
 Reasonable Price:
The MVM450a is expected to retail for for about $ 249.99, including the installed fluid base.

Click Here to see pricing and availability.

New Product to Convert Photo Monopods to a Fluid Base Video Monopod


New Manfrotto Fluid Base MVA50A 

New Monopod foot with fluid cartridge

New Monopod foot with fluid cartridge

This fluid base accessory will convert any photo monopod into a fully functional and video monopod. Compatible with Manfrotto models; 679B, 680B, 558B, or any photo monopods that feature a 20mm diameter tube in the last section.

Easy to install and use.  This fluid movement foot folds up and out of the way when not needed giving you a single point of contact on the floor, or fold out to provide a wide, stable base on which to smoothly pan and truck the camera.

Although this looks like a foot, it is not a rigid foot that can be left standing alone. Because the nature of this fluid base is to move, if the monopod is left standing up right, any little breeze will surely blow it over if it is left unattended.

This has been a long awaited accessory of anyone that is crossing back and forth from photo to video.  While it is nothing like a spiked foot we use in photo for ice and rocks, the large rubber pads on the bottom should help prevent slippage.

Find pricing and availability Here:  And as always, we will have replacement parts available as soon as they become available.

We Repair Tripods, Monopods and Heads.


screenshot055XPROBYes, we can repair any tripod, head, monpod or products listed here  If there is any doubt as to whether you can DIY (do it yourself), or if you have the correct tools; then send us the product, and we can make the repair or find suitable replacement parts.  For more info on repairs Click here.

We strive to have our Manfrotto spare parts in stock all the time.  That can be difficult since none are actually made in the USA.

We strive to repair Manfrotto heads, tripod and monopods within 3 working days. Generally there is only a $ 25 repair fee + parts and shipping.  Un-available parts are only one problem that will slow a repair.  Fingernail polish, Super Glue, Loc Tite and other glues and epoxies that you may be tempted to use to make a repair should be avoided.  While you may be able to temporarily fix something with these items, having to remove glues and adhesives will double and triple the time required to make a fix.  This slows us down, since not all epoxies and glues do no have solvents to dissolve them after they are cured; they must be chipped away without damaging the underlaying screws or channels.

If there is a lot of parts that are broken, it may not be economically feasible to repair a tripod or head, but it could make sense to trade it it and buy a new or different model.

Whether for trade in or for repairs click here, send your name, address, daytime phone and email address along with your tripod to: Repairs
c/o SpartanPhotoCenter
108 Garner Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Once we have it, we will evaluate it and contact you.  Please send us your daytime phone so we can reach you during business hours.