New Product to Convert Photo Monopods to a Fluid Base Video Monopod


New Manfrotto Fluid Base MVA50A 

New Monopod foot with fluid cartridge

New Monopod foot with fluid cartridge

This fluid base accessory will convert any photo monopod into a fully functional and video monopod. Compatible with Manfrotto models; 679B, 680B, 558B, or any photo monopods that feature a 20mm diameter tube in the last section.

Easy to install and use.  This fluid movement foot folds up and out of the way when not needed giving you a single point of contact on the floor, or fold out to provide a wide, stable base on which to smoothly pan and truck the camera.

Although this looks like a foot, it is not a rigid foot that can be left standing alone. Because the nature of this fluid base is to move, if the monopod is left standing up right, any little breeze will surely blow it over if it is left unattended.

This has been a long awaited accessory of anyone that is crossing back and forth from photo to video.  While it is nothing like a spiked foot we use in photo for ice and rocks, the large rubber pads on the bottom should help prevent slippage.

Find pricing and availability Here:  And as always, we will have replacement parts available as soon as they become available.