I Cleaned Out my Video Head And Now It’s Not Panning Smooth – What Do I Do?


It all depends upon where you cleaned.  It is common for dirt and grime to accumulate in the cracks and grooves. This by itself is often the problem, especially if the dirt is gritty like sand. If you disassembled the head and cleaned out the grease from the bearings, then they will need to be relubed.  The picture is of the 128RC video head.  The bearing stack is a common feature in many of the older video heads.  Make sure the bearings are clean and lubed with a bit (not too much) on silicon or lithium grease.

Damaged fluid disk assembly

Damaged fluid disk assembly

If you went even farther and cleaned out the fluid disks then you will need to relube those as well.  Normally the disks are filled with a type of grease that provides the smooth movements in this head.  If the disks are separated (as below) or the grease is removed (also as below) then they are mostly worthless.  You can purchase a jar of the grease here, or the discs are available with each head that takes them.

Disassembled fluid disks

Disassembled fluid disks

The disks are not interchangeable between models. So be careful when you are working with these.  Also the grease is unlike any grease you’ve probably ever come in contact with.  It is sticky and gooey and not something that is easily cleaned up.  We never recommend taking these disks apart.

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