NEW 244Micro and 244Mini Arms


The New Manfrotto 244Micro and 244Mini arms.  The newest, and one of the neatest items to come from Manfrotto in a while. Let’s explore…

Manfrotto Accessory Port

Manfrotto Accessory Port

The 244Micro and 244Mini arms can be attached to Manfrotto MT190 and MT055 tripods using the accessory port located on the side of the MT series tripods.  This accessory screw hole has been there for quite some time, but only on the new MT series tripods is this a slotted screw port, not just a hole.  So the 244Micro and 244Mini arms can be screwed into the port, and using the anti-rotation end the arm will attach and NEVER rotate.  So your flashes or lights will stay where you aim them, and never move when you least expect it.

Microsoft Word - MD BMS02-2015_Friction Arms Product Launch_0408Using the various end adapters and Manfrotto accessory clamps you can do all sorts of things.  Use with Superclamps, Clip Clamps and others for ultimate versatility. Imagine macro photography with your lights or speedlites attached to the tripod, moveable as a single unit on the tripod.  The arms have a single locking knob that tightens and loosens the whole arm.

244MicroThere are three versions of the  244Micro arms.  The first we stock is the 244Micro.  This is a fully articled arm that extends 5.9 inches or 15cm. It has 1/4″ attachment screws on both ends and includes a 3/8″ extra end included.  The package includes the small metric allen wrench that is needed to change the ends; a small touch that helps since not everybody keeps metric allen wrenches in their bag.

244Micro-ARThe 244Micro-AR is the exact same arm, except it has the AR (anti-rotation) ends already attached.  These are the ends that attach to the MT series tripods for best results.  Having two AR mounts on the arm makes me wonder what other attachments and accessories are coming.  And included is a 3/8″ end and allen wrench for changing the ends if needed.

244MicroKitThe 244Micro-Kit is the most ready to use- right out of the package. This has an AR (anti-rotation) end on one side, and the Nano Clamp on the other. It is ready to hold shades, small scrims and filters right out of the package.

Nano clamps are available separately.  As a small, easy to use macro photography accessory, I know of few that are as useful.

244MiniComparing the 244Micro and the 244Mini arm, the 244Mini arm is longer at 9.45 inches or 24cm.  The 244Mini arm  includes the 1/4″ screw ends and an extra 3/8″ end as well.  All of the adapters are interchangeable between the 244Mini and 244micro arms, but NOT the 244 or 244N Friction arms.  The larger arms can be adapted to the mini and micro arms, but none of the parts are interchangeable between the 2 sets of arms.

These are the current adapters available for the 244Mini and 244Micro arms.

244ADPT58244ADPT58 is a spigot stud with a 1/4″ female thread on the end. This end is useful for attaching these arms to the SuperClamp, Clip Clamp, or the the top of a light stand or other 1/4″ male stud.  This is crucial if you are using it on the SuperClamp, since the squared bottoms will keep the arm from rotating in the clamp.

244ADPT38AR244ADPT38AR is the end, sold individually, that allows the  arms to be attached to the MT055 and MT190 tripods, using the accessory port.  This keeps the arm from rotating on the tripod, especially where consistency is required.  For example, a side life for macro photography.  Nothing more annoying than a wandering fill light.

244AADPT3814244ADPT3814 are 1/4″ and 3/8″ ends that are indispensable for adapting the mini and micro arms to a full size 244 Friction arm.  However, when screwed into the full sized arms, rotation is possible, since these are just screwed together.  Great for holding your tablet or phone when used with a tripod adapter.

244ADPT-HS244ADPT-HS is a “hot-shoe” adapter.  Although not truly “hot”, able to fire the flash, this does allow a speed light flash to be attached to the arms.  This accepts the standard flash foot that has been used in the industry for many years.  Also holds TTL cables so your flash will maintain TTL, holds radio triggers, Wifi transmitters or anything with a “hot-shoe” mount on it.

I have the feeling this is just the beginning.  Nothing was said when the MT055 came out a couple of years ago but that this was in the works.  And by itself, it is but a small part of the support universe.  But when used in combination with the MT series tripods, then the tripod is not just a camera support, but a support system.

Manfrotto has always demonstrated ingenuity and unique, useful products.  This is just another example.