New Quick Release Plates for the Compact Tripod Series

RROUND Quick release post

RROUND Quick release post

These are the newest Quick releases for the Manfrotto Compact Tripods.  There are three styles in the Compact series.

The Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod take a little post, the RROUND.  It is a button quickrelease.  It is very small and inconspicuous on the camera.  It only fits the Action series.  This is the tripod with the grip handle for both video and still photography, it is a compact camera tripod.

The Manfrotto Action Advanced Tripods take the new 200LT-PL quick release plate.  Essentially it is no different from the older 200PL, except in the area of weight.  The 200LT weighs about 16% less, and is black, with a sturdier thumb screw.  This tripod will support more weight, so will the quick release.  Though the tripod was not designed for video use.

The Manfrotto Compact Lightweight tripod does not take either of these quick release plates.  It screws directly to the  camera.  Lighter weight, smaller and no quick release capability make it the least costly in the line.