Trade In and Trade Up Is Coming…


This October  “Trade in and Trade up” event.  You can send or bring in any number of items for trade in on the second weekend of October.  That’s October 9th and 10th, 2015.

Use this PDF form to submit items.

We will take the items listed at the bottom of this blog post for trade in an any tripod, head, monopod or combination.


Rules of trade in:

  • Any tripod submitted MUST have 3 legs with it.
  • Any tripod with only one working leg is considered a monopod!
  • Items MUST BE RECEIVED before October 8th to be considered.
  • Any manufacturer rebates are not included in your trade in, you still get them!
  • Items not accepted for trade in will be returned at YOUR expense.
  • Any items sent without contact or return information WILL BE DISCARDED.
  • Any items left here for more than 90 days WILL BE DISCARDED.


We will accept the following:

Bogen 3000 series $25
Bogen 3001 series $35
Bogen 3010 series $40
Bogen 3020 series $75
Bogen 3030 series $80
Bogen 3040 series $85
Bogen 3050 series $100
Bogen 3060 series $115
Bogen monopods or non functional tripods $ 20

Manfrotto 190 series
Manfrotto 055 series
Manfrotto 058 series