Trade In / Trade Up Event….


Check with us this October 14th and 15th for our 6th annual Trade In and Trade Up Event.  Find special deals and trades for new equipment.

Make money from your old gear.

Make money from your old gear.

Come into our store and you can sell cameras, lenses, flashes, heads and tripods for cash, or trade up on the newest gear. We will have on hand buying cameras and other unwanted gear…

Manfrotto will have a representative trading on Manfrotto Tripods and Heads

Get your dirty camera serviced

Get your dirty camera serviced

Peachtree camera repair will be preforming sensor cleanings and lens micro adjustments.

See us at our New Location (its been two years now, so you should really stop in to see us!) 108 Garner Road, just off North Pine Street in Spartanburg.  Click Here for Map

New Manfrotto Geared Head

Manfrotto MHXPRO-3WG Head

Manfrotto MHXPRO-3WG Head

Manfrotto MHXPRO-3WG the new 3 way geared head is a step ahead of the previous geared heads.

By nature a geared head is super finely adjustable.  The large knobs will allow you to adjust in a micrometer fashion, and the tabs to the side or below the knobs let you disengage the fine adjustment and make a quick, rapid adjustment.  Release the tab and the gear knobs pulls back into place ready to fine adjust from the new set point.   All three axis are adjustable, the rotation, pitch and yaw.  There are even degree markings on the axis to show the pitch of the movement.

200pl quick release plate with 1/4 inch screwThe top of the head has the 200PL type quick release.  This is Manfrotto’s most popular quick release plate.  The plate will fit on almost any camera or lens made in the last 50 years or so!  There are two sizes on for the 35mm and now digital DSLR and compact cameras using the 1/4 screw and 3/8 screw was for larger lenses, or older medium format and view cameras. There are also architectural plates that feature an anti rotation plate built into the quick release so you can turn the camera vertical and the torque of the weight will not rotate the camera during long exposures.  Available in Anti-rotate 1/4 inch and Anti-rotate 3/8 inch screw sizes as well.

Also on top of the head there are a pair of circular bubble levels for leveling the camera for LEVEL panoramic photos in either horizontal or vertical positions; but this is in addition to the 360 degree level on the pan plate, so you can level the tripod base.

The head is made of a lightweight thermoplastic that is very strong and durable, yet it is not going to dent or bend like metal.  So if you drop or the head falls over, it will not deform like a metal head would bend.

As with the Manfrotto items we sell, we stock parts for repair and we have the head in stock.


How Do I Replace The Leg on an 055?


Replacing the leg on any of the 055 series Manfrotto tripods is very easy.  The problem is finding where the damage is.

Old 055 Leg Brace Adjustment

Old 055 Leg Brace Adjustment

If the leg is damaged you can remove the whole leg just by loosening the screws on the leg brace like that shown on the left.  Or you may need to loosen and remove the tension screws on top of the main casting to remove the leg, as shown on the right.

new 055 tripod

new MT055 tripod

Once the screw is loosened the leg will pull out of the brace.  This may be difficult.  DO NOT use a metal hammer to tap on any of the parts.  The metal on metal may deform or damage the parts.  You can repair the parts of the leg as needed and reinsert into the leg brace.  Use enough pressure as required, but to not hammer into place.

Old Bogen 3021 055

Old Bogen 055 3021

If the leg brace is damaged, you will need to take apart the main casting that hold the legs to the tripod.  This will vary depending upon which 055 you are repairing.  The following shows the old 055 (also called a Bogen 3021) and the newer 055XB.

The old series 055 has three bolts and shoes to lock the legs in place and provide the tension to keep the legs at the proper adjustment angle. Shown at right.

Old055LegAdjustingThe newer 055x series has several screws that take the main casting apart, as well as, apply tension to the legs.  You will have to take all three screws out to remove the leg brace if this is the part that is broken.

new 055 tripod

new 055 tripod

The newest MT055 series the leg brace is made onto the upper leg tube, so both will have to be replaced together as one unit.  As with most of the newer tripods, you will have to remove the leg

Manfrotto Accessory Port

PRO accessory shown in red

tension screws on the top of the main casting to be able to remove the brace.  Be careful, if you have the MT055XPRO series tripod, the PRO feature will also have to be removed and reassembled. It is shown on the left, it is the part that is red.  Make sure you carefully remove all the parts and keep them in order as removed.  Reassemble in reverse order that you disassembled them.

If you are having problems, or for a tune up or for repairs, send your name, address, daytime phone and email address along with your tripod to: Repairs
c/o SpartanPhotoCenter
108 Garner Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Once we have it, we will evaluate it and contact you. Please send us your daytime phone so we can reach you during business hours.

Lastly, if we are repairing your Manfrotto Product; we are recycling all broken parts and scrap articles. Almost nothing goes into the trash if we can help it.