October Surprise


img-6200I led the local photography club outing last week on the skill and techniques of capturing ghosts.

I was showing how, and the little screen on the Canon 7D just wasn’t going to cut it with a larger group of people, so I borrowed a Manfrotto Digital Director.  Need less to say, I was impressed.

Impressed because I like the big screen.  Impressed because I like the big button.  Impressed because it made using the camera much easier in “heads up” mode, so I felt more secure in my surroundings.  A parking deck, downtown – 9pm at night.  Not that our little town is a dangerous place at night, far from it.  It was nice that I always had my peripheral vision and wasn’t straining through the viewfinder.

Digital Director RigThe large firing button and screen made it easier to watch the “subject” and time when I should fire the camera.  The larger button made is easy to just tap and shoot. Exposure was easily changed with the larger controls in the upper right hand side.

When I had to move the tripod, I just grabbed the center column and moved.  The head was on its own ball and the Digital Director has its own arm with a locking joint so both move independantly.

The Digital Director comes in several sizes and shapes. And I found it ver easy to transport and use.

Change your Center Column Change your Life


055lc center columnUpgrade your Manfrotto tripod from still camera use to video camera use by simply changing the center column.

This is easily accomplished on the newest Manfrotto MT190 series and previous 190X series tripods using the 190LC Leveling Center Column; and on the newest Manfrotto MT055 series or 055X series tripods using the 055LC Leveling Center Column.

If your Manfrotto tripod is for sure not MT or X series, but an 055PRO or 055N or any  755B, 755CXPRO3, 755XB tripods then use the 555B Center Column.

If you have a 190PRO series or 756B, 756CX3, 756MF, 756XB tripods then use the 556B Center Column.

So, great headline, but not much info on how these center columns are going to change my life!  So how will one of these center columns change my life?

The leveler column operates like a standard center column.  Your head attaches normally, it goes up and down.  But the real value is the speed and ease of  leveling the head in just a few seconds.  The knob on the bottom of the column releases the ball on the top of the column.   This knob allows you to quickly loosen, tight lock the top ball or apply a little bit of tension so the ball can move easily with caring amount s of tension.  The bubble level on the top plate will let you level the head in seconds.  This is great for videos, panoramic photos or just quick set ups for portraits, fashion and other still photography.

It’s Back, FREE Quick Release with Head Purchase!

Free Quick Release

Free Quick Release

It is back again, the ManfrottoTripodParts.com FREE Quick Release with head purchase!

All you have to do is buy a Manfrotto tripod head that uses a quick release system and we will give you a 2nd plate FREE!   No other is purchase necessary.  No gimmicks.

We are all about having a spare quick release plate, because those things are easy to loose and easy to forget.  If you lend your gear, then you are guaranteed to loose at least one or two.  Click on this link to add it to your shopping cart. 

This is good for the month of November, 2016!


Manfrotto Premiere Award


We have been awarded a Manfrotto Premier Dealer.

Manfrotto Premier Dealer

Manfrotto Premier Dealer

While this is not as precious as a Grammy, as prestigious as an Oscar, or as universal as a JD Powers award…We are indeed honored and humbled to be a Manfrotto Premier dear.  This is a simple distinction that says that in our industry we are one of a small group of dealers that Manfrotto feels is the top of their clientele.  We work hard everyday to represent Manfrotto as a brand that we respect and hold in high esteem.  It is nice to be recognized in a similar fashion.

So we say thank you.  I’d also like to thank my Wife, Mom and Dad, Bas our repair technician, all my sales staff, Bill our extraordinary rep….