Change your Center Column Change your Life


055lc center columnUpgrade your Manfrotto tripod from still camera use to video camera use by simply changing the center column.

This is easily accomplished on the newest Manfrotto MT190 series and previous 190X series tripods using the 190LC Leveling Center Column; and on the newest Manfrotto MT055 series or 055X series tripods using the 055LC Leveling Center Column.

If your Manfrotto tripod is for sure not MT or X series, but an 055PRO or 055N or any  755B, 755CXPRO3, 755XB tripods then use the 555B Center Column.

If you have a 190PRO series or 756B, 756CX3, 756MF, 756XB tripods then use the 556B Center Column.

So, great headline, but not much info on how these center columns are going to change my life!  So how will one of these center columns change my life?

The leveler column operates like a standard center column.  Your head attaches normally, it goes up and down.  But the real value is the speed and ease of  leveling the head in just a few seconds.  The knob on the bottom of the column releases the ball on the top of the column.   This knob allows you to quickly loosen, tight lock the top ball or apply a little bit of tension so the ball can move easily with caring amount s of tension.  The bubble level on the top plate will let you level the head in seconds.  This is great for videos, panoramic photos or just quick set ups for portraits, fashion and other still photography.