October Surprise


img-6200I led the local photography club outing last week on the skill and techniques of capturing ghosts.

I was showing how, and the little screen on the Canon 7D just wasn’t going to cut it with a larger group of people, so I borrowed a Manfrotto Digital Director.  Need less to say, I was impressed.

Impressed because I like the big screen.  Impressed because I like the big button.  Impressed because it made using the camera much easier in “heads up” mode, so I felt more secure in my surroundings.  A parking deck, downtown – 9pm at night.  Not that our little town is a dangerous place at night, far from it.  It was nice that I always had my peripheral vision and wasn’t straining through the viewfinder.

Digital Director RigThe large firing button and screen made it easier to watch the “subject” and time when I should fire the camera.  The larger button made is easy to just tap and shoot. Exposure was easily changed with the larger controls in the upper right hand side.

When I had to move the tripod, I just grabbed the center column and moved.  The head was on its own ball and the Digital Director has its own arm with a locking joint so both move independantly.

The Digital Director comes in several sizes and shapes. And I found it ver easy to transport and use.