NEW MXPRO Video Monopods


XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)New from Manfrotto…

MXPRO Video Monopods!

The latest and greatest from the stability experts in Italy!

The MXPRO Video Monopods are an update of the line that has been around, seemingly, forever.  So, how do you improve upon a straight stick?  There are Xteen different ways.

  1. XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)Start by making the tube a little bit taller.
    I’m a 6′ tall guy.  For me taller is always better, but if you are 5’8″ and your monopod is 54 inches, just how useful is it when you are on uneven ground?  Or worse; you have to cover a game in the gym and you are standing on bleachers.  Now your little monopod is a foot shorter, more or less.  These, they’ve added a bit more length to make them taller.
  2. XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)Then make them shorter!
    After extolling the increased height they are now made shorter too.  Previously monopods had 3 or 4 tube sections.  This new series has 4 and 5 sections, allowing each tube section to be shorter overall.  Shorter tube sections = more compactness.  The more compactness makes them smaller overall and more portable, much easier to carry.
  3. XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)New “D” shaped tubes are more rigid, but lighter weight.
    So now aluminum, while still heavier than carbon fiber, is lighter weight than previous monopods.  I’ve found the weight difference to be a third lighter in weight than previous monopods.  The leg also has a stylish integral rubber grip that make the tube easier to grip and more comfortable, especially if you are using the monopod in colder weather.
  4. XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only) Fluid cartridge is incorporated into the foot.
    If you are panning, you are not struggling to hold the monopod and move the head separately.  The wide base of the foot gives you a stable platform, and there is a fluid cartridge built into the foot to provide the smooth, fluid movements.   Just twist the monopod.
  5. Twist, turn and move.
    XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)The foot is a point of movement for panning, tilting and tracking.  Not like a slider because the range of movement is less, but similar in a very short range. And, not like a zoom, because the perspective and background don’t change either.  It is it’s own technique.  You can use the single point of movement as its own effect. Try it to see what you can get, especially when you use the MVH500 head built onto certain models.  It is an unbeatable combination.
  6.  Foot Lock
    XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)The foot also has a lock, so you can lock the foot to prevent movement and still have a wide, stable base.  It is fast and easy to engage and disengage, so there is little fumbling when you are trying to set up a shot while running to get there!XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)This is still a monopod.  This will NEVER replace a tripod for stability and functionality.  But, it will provide you with a quick, small and easy to carry platform with unique movements that a tripod does not have.  This is another tool in your tool chest that can give you the advantage when it is necessary.
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