What is the Hole on the Side of My Tripod?


I have an MT190XPRO3 tripod and there is a hole in the side of it.  What is this?

This is the accessory screw port.  This has been a feature on Manfrotto tripods all the way back to when they were called Bogen.  It is basically a 3/8 screw hole that allows you to add a strap, 244MicroKitadd accessory arms or attach loops and other things to the tripod easily.  This is available on all the current MT190XPRO and MT055XPRO tripods.  There is a rubber cover to protect the threads and center column workings from debris.

The current accessory screw port has notch int he top and bottom that allows for the use of an non-rotating arm.  The previous 190 and 055 tripods can accept the arms, though they may rotate and flop about if the arm is twisted or set at the wrong angle.  We do not recommend the AR versions for the older tripods.  You can find more info about the arms on the page listed below.

More information about:
Manfrotto 244 Mini Arms
Clip on strap that does not use accessory screw port

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