Are Leg Tubes Interchangeable?


dsc_0611-e1500994069275.jpgI bent a leg tube, so now I cannot retract my leg.  Does it matter what tube I replace it with?

The tubes are all different sizes since they have to fit into each other.  So one difference is the tube diameter.

The second is the interior shape.  Some tubes are smooth inside, others have ridges that tit into grooves so the tubes will not rotate.  The tube in the center of the picture is “D” shaped and will not work with the round tubes, or the leg braces and leg locks.  The tubes are different lengths depending upon whether the tripod is a 3 section or a 4 section.

And the last consideration is color.  In the older tripods the tubes can be silver or black.  In the same model they are interchangeable, so as long a you can live with the color difference, these are interchangeable.

Ultimately the best thing to do it find the exact model and purchase the tubes for it.  If you cannot determine what you have, send it to us.

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