Discontinued Part: R190,311 locking knob


\MainposMAIN POS (E)DataPictures in POS3667.jpgManfrotto has discontinued the part R190,311.  This was a common center column locking knob for many Manfrotto and Bogen older style 190 tripods. You can use the following:

R190,41 is a similar replacement, it has a spring and the diameter and thread size is the same. Click here for more info.

R004,80 is the correct diameter and size, but there is no spring. Click here for more info.


The Manfrotto Video Head Range


We review the Manfrotto video head range.  The basic technical specifications are the what, you need the why and how.  Here it is…

PrintMVH400AUS aka BeFree Video Head is one of the newest, small, light weight and light duty heads that Manfrotto makes. As you can see it weighs less than a pound and can support 10 times its body weight.  8.8lbs is really a DSLR camera with a large lens, like a 70-200 f2.8.  More than that and this head is over weighted.

PrintThe MVH500A and its twin the MVH500AH are both medium duty heads.  These are are REAL Fluid head that use the fluid disk for silky smooth movements.  The A version is for video tripods that use the bowl; the AH version has a flat bottom and can fit on any standard flat top tripod with a 3/8 attachment screw.  Both of these heads are discontinued and basically replaced by the MVH502A and MVH502AH heads.  The newer heads can support a heavier payload of up to 15lbs. The quick release plate is

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