Are the Manfrotto Feet Interchangable?


standing feet

Simply put, No.

Every model potentially has a different size foot.  Even in the same model series, like the MT055 there are 3 leg section and 4 leg section tripods.  The 4 section legs have an extra, smaller tube, so the foot size is different.  So really there are only two ways to get replacement feet:

  1. Find the exact model of your tripod and go to that exact page on the website.
    You can find our listing here.
  2. Measure the diameter of the tube and find the size you need accordingly.
    You can find a list of feet here, but be aware there are push on, screw on and push in feet.  The measurements for push on and screw on feet are the outside diameter of the bottom leg tube, the push in feet use the inside diameter of the bottom tube.
    You can find an incomplete list here.  We are always adding and updating as we find new sizes of feet.
  3. There are also Suction Cup Feet that are available as accessories to many tripods.

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