Trade In Trade Up is Coming Soon……

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This is the place!

This October 13th and 14th will be our 6th Annual Trade in / Trade up event. That is Friday and Saturday 10am until 3pm both days.

We will have Sales available for demonstrations.

See Demonstrations on various aspects of photography.

Make money from your old gear.

Make money from your old gear.

We will be taking cameras, lenses, tripods and certain other items for trade in. will be paying cash of used and collectable cameras, lenses and flashes.

Manfrotto will be taking old tripods on trade for their new tripods and heads.

Radio Poppers will be trading in for other remote slave units.

Get a Free pro[m]aster battery grip with any camera purchased.

If you cannot attend, but still want to trade in your tripod or head, click here.

Don’t miss out on our in store specials that we cannot advertise here.





Accessories for the Superclamps


This is one of those products that you buy for one need, and find it has a hundred other uses.  The Manfrotto SuperClamp (Avenger also makes a version) is more than just a super robust clamp that will take a MagicArms.  The SuperClamp is a whole system of camera studs and arms that allow you to clamp almost anything to a pole or flat edge up to 3 inches thick.

Because the clamp is cam locked, when you tighten it, it stays tight.  It supports far more weight than you would expect.

As you can see from the picture there are almost dozens of accessories making limitless combinations.

Click Here to see the complete offering on

Introduction to the SuperClamp System


SuperClamp SystemThis is one of those products that you buy for one need, and find it has a hundred other uses. The Manfrotto SuperClamp (Avenger also makes a version) is more than just a super robust clamp that will take a MagicArms. The SuperClamp is a whole system of camera studs and arms that allow you to clamp almost anything to a pole or flat edge up to 3 inches thick.

Because the clamp is cam locked, when you tighten it, it stays tight. It supports far more weight than you would expect.

As you can see from the picture there are almost dozens of accessories making limitless combinations.

Click Here to see the complete offering of parts on


Manfrotto MSCLAMP for mobile phones


MSCLAMP 5193The Manfrotto MSCLAMP is an all metal, sturdy, durable, pocket sized, run amok and  go everywhere you want to take a tripod mount for your mobile phone.

From left to right this little guy is almost completely flat, to  a hardy “C” clamp that has a 1/4 inch screw mount for most mobile phones and tripods made now.

There is a shoe on the top so you can add an LED light like a LumieMuse 3, LumieMuse 6 or LumieMuse 8 or a microphone if you need that.

Maximum clamp opening is 3.2 inches or 8.2cm while the minimum opening is 2.3 inches or 5.8cm. Weighs only a couple ounces and it will fit easily in your pocket.  Stylish, matte grey finish with black rubber grips.

Works great with the Pixi Tripods. The Pixi tripod is hand held and table topper tripod.  Use it hand held as a video grip for your mobile phone, or as a table top tripod while you are on your travels.

How to Use the 200PL Quick Release Plate


While there is nothing particularly complicated about the 200PL plate, there are a few things you should know.


This plate the most commonly sold and used Manfrotto quick release plate. This is good, because it gives you more choices of heads, monopods and tripods to use, without removing the quick release plate from your camera.

This plate shown to the right is the 1/4 inch screw that universally fits most small film and digital cameras ( Click here for size info) while the 3/8 size ( Click here for size info) will fit some medium format film cameras, view cameras and larger telephoto lenses that use the 3/8 screw.  The 200PL is the standard 1/4 screw and includes a 3/8 thread adapter to make it a 3/8 screw.  You can still buy a 3/8 plate if you want the strength and piece of mind of not using an adapter screw. Either way, get a plate for each camera and large lens that will fit a tripod. This way you can use the tripod without having to continuously change plates every time you use a different camera.   The screw is centered on the plate, there is also an anti-rotation pin that can be removed if not needed.  The anti-rotation pin is for video cameras that have a guide hole next to the tripod screw pin the base of the camera.

On the bottom of the plate, embossed into the plate is the word “Lens >” the arrow should be pointing toward the lens on the camera.  This makes sure that the lens is oriented correctly on the head.  This will ensure that the handles and knobs are all within reach for easy use.


While this may seem a small thing, if you are purchasing and using the Architectural plate with 1/4 inch screw ( See left, or Click here for more) this is important. Because the correct orientation when making panoramic shots, or verticals will ensure that the handles on some heads will NOT be in the way.  Some heads cannot be operated because the camera will be in the way if the camera is on the plate wrong. The Architectural plate is also available in a 3/8 inch screw as well.

As you can see to the left the architectural plate has a floating plate with a lip that snugs against the camera so it will not rotate when in the vertical position.

There are replacement screws for the 1/4 Plate (Click here for more) or for the  3/8 screw (click here for more) or you can buy the 3/8 adapter ( Click here for more) which can be used on this plate as well.  The 3/8 adapter we sell has more threads than may lesser adapters we’ve seen.  This should make the fit stronger and more secure, so the threads in your camera re not stripped or damaged.

As always, we recommend that you zip tie or stow a spare plate inside your camera bag some where, just in case you loose one.  Because your tripod is useless without one.

We have a wide selection of quick releases, adapters and parts and pieces on this accessory webpage.

Get $40 to $100 off Manfrotto Video Tripods with Mail In Rebates.


64865 MasterCardSave between $40 and $100 on select Manfrotto Video tripods and head combinations.  These kits range from light weight and portable to some of the tallest and stoutest video tripods available.  You can download the for here, or you will receive one with your purchase.  Hurry while supplies are still high and shipping times are fast.  We are expecting massive delivery slowdowns this year as we get closer to Christmas!

Buy BeFree Video Tripod
Buy MVK190X3Kit
Buy MVK502055XPRO3 Kit
Buy 504HD,535K Tripod Kit
Buy 504HS, 546BK Tripod Kit

Need the rebate form?  Click Here To Download it.

These rebates are good on purchases from November 25th to December 31st, 2016.  Forms must be postmarked by January 31st, 2017

NEW MXPRO Video Monopods


XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)New from Manfrotto…

MXPRO Video Monopods!

The latest and greatest from the stability experts in Italy!

The MXPRO Video Monopods are an update of the line that has been around, seemingly, forever.  So, how do you improve upon a straight stick?  There are Xteen different ways.

  1. XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)Start by making the tube a little bit taller.
    I’m a 6′ tall guy.  For me taller is always better, but if you are 5’8″ and your monopod is 54 inches, just how useful is it when you are on uneven ground?  Or worse; you have to cover a game in the gym and you are standing on bleachers.  Now your little monopod is a foot shorter, more or less.  These, they’ve added a bit more length to make them taller.
  2. XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)Then make them shorter!
    After extolling the increased height they are now made shorter too.  Previously monopods had 3 or 4 tube sections.  This new series has 4 and 5 sections, allowing each tube section to be shorter overall.  Shorter tube sections = more compactness.  The more compactness makes them smaller overall and more portable, much easier to carry.
  3. XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)New “D” shaped tubes are more rigid, but lighter weight.
    So now aluminum, while still heavier than carbon fiber, is lighter weight than previous monopods.  I’ve found the weight difference to be a third lighter in weight than previous monopods.  The leg also has a stylish integral rubber grip that make the tube easier to grip and more comfortable, especially if you are using the monopod in colder weather.
  4. XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only) Fluid cartridge is incorporated into the foot.
    If you are panning, you are not struggling to hold the monopod and move the head separately.  The wide base of the foot gives you a stable platform, and there is a fluid cartridge built into the foot to provide the smooth, fluid movements.   Just twist the monopod.
  5. Twist, turn and move.
    XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)The foot is a point of movement for panning, tilting and tracking.  Not like a slider because the range of movement is less, but similar in a very short range. And, not like a zoom, because the perspective and background don’t change either.  It is it’s own technique.  You can use the single point of movement as its own effect. Try it to see what you can get, especially when you use the MVH500 head built onto certain models.  It is an unbeatable combination.
  6.  Foot Lock
    XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)The foot also has a lock, so you can lock the foot to prevent movement and still have a wide, stable base.  It is fast and easy to engage and disengage, so there is little fumbling when you are trying to set up a shot while running to get there!XPROMONOPOD+ Sales presentation_Final US.pptx (Read-Only)This is still a monopod.  This will NEVER replace a tripod for stability and functionality.  But, it will provide you with a quick, small and easy to carry platform with unique movements that a tripod does not have.  This is another tool in your tool chest that can give you the advantage when it is necessary.
    Click Here for More Information

October Surprise


img-6200I led the local photography club outing last week on the skill and techniques of capturing ghosts.

I was showing how, and the little screen on the Canon 7D just wasn’t going to cut it with a larger group of people, so I borrowed a Manfrotto Digital Director.  Need less to say, I was impressed.

Impressed because I like the big screen.  Impressed because I like the big button.  Impressed because it made using the camera much easier in “heads up” mode, so I felt more secure in my surroundings.  A parking deck, downtown – 9pm at night.  Not that our little town is a dangerous place at night, far from it.  It was nice that I always had my peripheral vision and wasn’t straining through the viewfinder.

Digital Director RigThe large firing button and screen made it easier to watch the “subject” and time when I should fire the camera.  The larger button made is easy to just tap and shoot. Exposure was easily changed with the larger controls in the upper right hand side.

When I had to move the tripod, I just grabbed the center column and moved.  The head was on its own ball and the Digital Director has its own arm with a locking joint so both move independantly.

The Digital Director comes in several sizes and shapes. And I found it ver easy to transport and use.

Change your Center Column Change your Life


055lc center columnUpgrade your Manfrotto tripod from still camera use to video camera use by simply changing the center column.

This is easily accomplished on the newest Manfrotto MT190 series and previous 190X series tripods using the 190LC Leveling Center Column; and on the newest Manfrotto MT055 series or 055X series tripods using the 055LC Leveling Center Column.

If your Manfrotto tripod is for sure not MT or X series, but an 055PRO or 055N or any  755B, 755CXPRO3, 755XB tripods then use the 555B Center Column.

If you have a 190PRO series or 756B, 756CX3, 756MF, 756XB tripods then use the 556B Center Column.

So, great headline, but not much info on how these center columns are going to change my life!  So how will one of these center columns change my life?

The leveler column operates like a standard center column.  Your head attaches normally, it goes up and down.  But the real value is the speed and ease of  leveling the head in just a few seconds.  The knob on the bottom of the column releases the ball on the top of the column.   This knob allows you to quickly loosen, tight lock the top ball or apply a little bit of tension so the ball can move easily with caring amount s of tension.  The bubble level on the top plate will let you level the head in seconds.  This is great for videos, panoramic photos or just quick set ups for portraits, fashion and other still photography.

It’s Back, FREE Quick Release with Head Purchase!

Free Quick Release

Free Quick Release

It is back again, the FREE Quick Release with head purchase!

All you have to do is buy a Manfrotto tripod head that uses a quick release system and we will give you a 2nd plate FREE!   No other is purchase necessary.  No gimmicks.

We are all about having a spare quick release plate, because those things are easy to loose and easy to forget.  If you lend your gear, then you are guaranteed to loose at least one or two.  Click on this link to add it to your shopping cart. 

This is good for the month of November, 2016!