Why Don’t You Sell Parts For the 468 Hydrostatic Ball Heads?


The 468 Hydrostatic ball head is a popular, durable and precise head.  Though the durability can be compromised by the few and frequent dings, drops and falls.  But we have been several times been asked why we don’t stock or repair these heads.

Simply put, these are not heads that are easily user repairable.  The internal workings are not easy to get into without specialized tools, and too many times we have been given parts to reassemble into a head by someone who attempted the repair and got stuck.  A simple repair can easily be turned into a costly repair when it is disassembled more than need, requiring more time, or parts if they are lost or damaged.

If the main housing has been impacted and is cracked, then we would recommend replacing the head,.  Other things where we would recommend full replacement is a damaged ball.  To replace a head, click here.  If the head is just not holding is settings, or is a bit loose, then it is worth repairing.

The 468Hydrostatic heads are best repaired by a trained technician.   Click here for our repair info page.  Especially if it is under the warranty. Click here to go to the Manfrotto repair page.  Instructions will be there for warranty repairs and general service information.