How to Find Your Tripod Model Number


If you are going to DIY (do it yourself)  a tripod repair, then you need to know how to find the model number.  Manfrotto tripods and heads have different model numbers.  So if you see a model number on the head, it identifies the head only.  Likewise, a Manfrotto 055xb is identifying the tripod only.


The most common place for the tripod model to be on your tripod – is on the leg, next to the manufacturers nameplate.  The name is often engraved, like this Manfrotto 055XB tripod, or it is a sticker.  If it is a sticker and the sticker is worn off, you are out of luck.  With out the proper model number there is almost no way to accurately know.  Many tripods have several versions or variations, and no surprise, not all the versions are interchangeable.  Especially on brands where they have been manufacturing them for long periods of time, you cannot expect every part to match.

Tripodmodel2The manufacturer will change the product from time to time, refining the design, improving the features, often without renaming it.  So version 1 will be completely different from version 6.  And lets throw in that some tripod brands do not make their own tripods.  There are a few brands (like: Ambico, RCA,  Sony, and Sears) that have the tripods manufactured for them.  Some will use different manufacturers with completely different parts, yet use the same model numbers. So there is little or no way to find out what tripod you have.


Another place where you can find the  model number is on the main casting.  The main casting is the part that holds the legs together at the top.  It may be a label or a sticker or even embossed on the main casting.

Be aware that in Manfrotto the 055XPROB is VERY different from the MT055XPRO3 So you cannot rely on just the model number.  It has to be the whole number and all letters included.

If you cannot find the Manfrotto model number, and it is in need of repairs, you can always send it to us.   We can repair any tripod that we have listed on our website, as long as the parts are available.  On tripods we service, with in stock parts (click here to see models we stock parts for) , we strive for a 3 day turnaround.  Costs vary, but simple repairs can be as low as $ 25 labor + parts +  shipping.

If you send us a note with your name, address, day time phone number, email we will call or email you with the estimate for repair.

Send your Manfrotto for repair to: Repairs
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