Trade in your old tripod & how it works.


Yes, we take old tripods on trade in.  Is it worth it?

  1. We recycle old tripods that are not salvagable, so very little other than plastic and rubber goes into the land fill.
  2. It does cost you money to ship it to us, but you get a newer tripod, with a new warranty, for less than you could buy it for, including the shipping.
  3. Having the correct tools improves your work.  Less time improvising or making non-standard parts work, messing around with an inadequate piece of crap…

Click Here for an estimated credit value list.  These are only estimates, and actual value is based on condition once we receive it.


Make money from your old gear.

This October 13th and 14th we will be making trades in the store.  Trade in’s brought in or delivered on or before that day will also be eligible for trade in credits from Manfrotto on their New tripods and heads.  In some cases, the trade in incentives and specials from the Trade In & Trade Up day will make select tripods up to HALF OFF, or more.


Trade In Trade Up is Coming Soon……

new store front

This is the place!

This October 13th and 14th will be our 6th Annual Trade in / Trade up event. That is Friday and Saturday 10am until 3pm both days.

We will have Sales available for demonstrations.

See Demonstrations on various aspects of photography.

Make money from your old gear.

Make money from your old gear.

We will be taking cameras, lenses, tripods and certain other items for trade in. will be paying cash of used and collectable cameras, lenses and flashes.

Manfrotto will be taking old tripods on trade for their new tripods and heads.

Radio Poppers will be trading in for other remote slave units.

Get a Free pro[m]aster battery grip with any camera purchased.

If you cannot attend, but still want to trade in your tripod or head, click here.

Don’t miss out on our in store specials that we cannot advertise here.




Trade In / Trade Up Event….


Check with us this October 14th and 15th for our 6th annual Trade In and Trade Up Event.  Find special deals and trades for new equipment.

Make money from your old gear.

Make money from your old gear.

Come into our store and you can sell cameras, lenses, flashes, heads and tripods for cash, or trade up on the newest gear. We will have on hand buying cameras and other unwanted gear…

Manfrotto will have a representative trading on Manfrotto Tripods and Heads

Get your dirty camera serviced

Get your dirty camera serviced

Peachtree camera repair will be preforming sensor cleanings and lens micro adjustments.

See us at our New Location (its been two years now, so you should really stop in to see us!) 108 Garner Road, just off North Pine Street in Spartanburg.  Click Here for Map

Are leg locks interchangeable on Bogen 3021 and 3011 tripods?


I have an old 055 tripod that has screws to lock the legs.  Can I switch  out the old leg locks for new ones with snap levers?

Yes you can, IF you make sure the inside diameter of the new locks are the same as the old locks.  So if you are changing the old 055 for a new 055x series clamp, there is very little difference.  In fact we recommend these (click here for upper) for the upper clamp and (click here for the lower) lower leg clamps.

Leg clamps come in all sizes

Leg clamps come in all sizes

These are using the newer snap lock.  These have a very easy snap open and closed lock with a positive feel.  You know when these are locked.

Also, bear in mind that Manfrotto (more than 20 years ago it was called Bogen) has been making tripods for over 40 years.  The older tripods are not necessarily the same as the new ones.  Manfrotto has been make the 190 and 055 series for all of that time.  The newest versions are not called the MT190, and none of the old repair parts will work with the new tripods.

Replacing all the upper and lower locks could be more expensive that the tripod is actually worth.  This is a concern for obvious reasons, however we can help with several suggestions.  First, you could trade in your old tripod for a newer one.  Or secondly you can send us your used parts.  We will pay for the used parts, depending upon condition and function.

If you are having problems, or for a tune up or for repairs, send your name, address, daytime phone and email address along with your tripod to: Repairs
c/o SpartanPhotoCenter
108 Garner Road
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Once we have it, we will evaluate it and contact you. Please send us your daytime phone so we can reach you during business hours.

Lastly, if we are repairing your Manfrotto Product; we are recycling all broken parts and scrap articles. Almost nothing goes into the trash if we can help it.