What is the difference between the Manfrotto MT190GO tripods?



I see there is an MT190GOA4 and a MT190GOA4TB so what is the difference between these two?  They look the same.

There have been three versions of MT190GO in aluminum and 2 in carbon since it came out in 2015. And other than the “TIPA” award sticker on the new one, they look almost identical.  The specifications have not changed.  They are the same size,weight and capacity.  But if you are looking for parts your are going to fin three versions right now: MT190GOA4TB-1MT190GOA4TB-2MT190GOA4.

I’m going to tackle these in order of appearance: MT190GOA4TB-1  was introduced 2015-02-10 and it had a TB and a TD version.  The TB is the black leg release button, the TD is the grey leg release button.  These are the same units, except for that.  The legs are sold as single parts, there is not sub-parts like bushings or twist knobs on this model.

Next in 2016-02-22 was the MT190GOA4TB-2 which is again identical, except that the leg assemblies were given different parts number.  These are the same units, except for that.  The legs are sold as single parts, there is not sub-parts like bushings or twist knobs on this model.


The latest version  MT190GOA4 was introduced 2017-05-15 is almost a completely different tripod.  The size, weight and capacity are identical.  But now, there are individual parts that make up the legs.  This is great!  You can replace the leg shims as they wear.  Now this is where it gets interesting:  The legs are no longer round tubes, they are D shaped.  There is a little flat on the inside of the tube. This makes the tube stronger, and although the tubes are still the same diameter, the twist lock knobs are “chunkier” on the newer unit, making for a better grip.  These twist lock knobs are available in single or three packs as well.  The old twist knobs are not compatible with the new, so you can’t but the knobs and replace them on the old units.  The newer knobs are officially the new M series twist knobs and the engineering is better than before.

MT190GOfeetAnother difference is the feet.  The new MT190GO use push in rubber feet, while the older MT190GO used a screw in foot.  Not a huge difference, but you can see that it makes for a more stable foot.  The one of the left is the newer tripod and the foot is angled for better grip.

Be aware that these differences also translated into the carbon fiber version MT190GOC4TB and MT190GOC4 as well.  And, as is the case, many of the parts for the aluminum tripods do not fit the carbon tripods.  About the only that that does is the center column and the top and bottom plates of the main castings.  So make sure you know which tripod you have before ordering the parts.

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Are the Manfrotto Feet Interchangable?


standing feet

Simply put, No.

Every model potentially has a different size foot.  Even in the same model series, like the MT055 there are 3 leg section and 4 leg section tripods.  The 4 section legs have an extra, smaller tube, so the foot size is different.  So really there are only two ways to get replacement feet:

  1. Find the exact model of your tripod and go to that exact page on the website.
    You can find our listing here.
  2. Measure the diameter of the tube and find the size you need accordingly.
    You can find a list of feet here, but be aware there are push on, screw on and push in feet.  The measurements for push on and screw on feet are the outside diameter of the bottom leg tube, the push in feet use the inside diameter of the bottom tube.
    You can find an incomplete list here.  We are always adding and updating as we find new sizes of feet.
  3. There are also Suction Cup Feet that are available as accessories to many tripods.

Here are links to some other pages about the feet:
Tube rubbing through the feet, Spike feet, Changing feet.

Are Leg Tubes Interchangeable?


dsc_0611-e1500994069275.jpgI bent a leg tube, so now I cannot retract my leg.  Does it matter what tube I replace it with?

The tubes are all different sizes since they have to fit into each other.  So one difference is the tube diameter.

The second is the interior shape.  Some tubes are smooth inside, others have ridges that tit into grooves so the tubes will not rotate.  The tube in the center of the picture is “D” shaped and will not work with the round tubes, or the leg braces and leg locks.  The tubes are different lengths depending upon whether the tripod is a 3 section or a 4 section.

And the last consideration is color.  In the older tripods the tubes can be silver or black.  In the same model they are interchangeable, so as long a you can live with the color difference, these are interchangeable.

Ultimately the best thing to do it find the exact model and purchase the tubes for it.  If you cannot determine what you have, send it to us.

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